About KreditPro

About Us

Through P2P Lending platform services, together we can achieve better financial inclusion in Indonesia.

About KreditPro

KreditPro is a company that focuses on financial technology and digitalization that has a vision and mission to make a real contribution to business development in Indonesia, especially small and medium businesses.

KreditPro is fully committed to the Democratization of Financial Services in Indonesia, so that people from various segments and backgrounds can become part of the Cashless Society in today's digital era through Digital Payment, P2P Lending & Remittance.

We provide a fast, secure, transparent digital platform for lending services for the convenience of partners, lenders, and borrowers. Thus, business actors in Indonesia are helped in their efforts to achieve better financial management and have a more thorough understanding of credit potential and risks.

What Makes Us Different

Our unique B2B2C approach has always helped our business partners to digitize their operations & customer base, thereby effectively developing a fully digital and cashless ecosystem. In addition to all the services we provide, we are a fully licensed financial technology company in the financial services industry. KreditPro has proper licenses for Digital Payments, P2P Lending, and Money Transfers under 3 official Digiasia brands: KasPro, KreditPro & RemitPro.

Our Vision & Mission

The limited access to financial services for SMEs, micro-organizations and most of the low-income community, as well as the weak penetration of conventional banking in reaching the entire community, have led to a gap in the need for and supply of financial services in Indonesia. Therefore, there is an opportunity for alternative non-bank entities to provide technology-based financial services aimed at the majority of the Indonesian people.

PT Tri Digi Fin (KreditPro) has a main vision and mission in making a significant contribution to business development in Indonesia, especially small and medium businesses. For the realization of this vision, KreditPro is fully committed to providing a digital platform for fast, safe, transparent lending services to all relevant parties such as lenders and borrowers. In addition, KreditPro is also committed to assisting all business actors in achieving better financial management and having a better understanding of credit potential and risks.

KreditPro has a money lending program based on platform technology for business actors who have difficulty getting access to financial services. The loan products provided by KreditPro are not only accompanied by loan products, but are accompanied by understanding and providing details such as the KYC (consumer identification) process, the amount of the loan and the borrower's credit assessment.

Our Team

We bring together great people from different fields of expertise who complement each other in one team to make financial inclusion a reality.

Board of Commisioner

Alexander Rusli

Alexander Rusli

Board of Director

Adelheid Helena Bokau

Adelheid Helena Bokau

President Director


Income statement

Accumulation for the Year Ended December 31, 2022 (in millions of Rupiah)

Income Rp2.859.807
Operating Expenses -Rp620.446
Bruto Profit Rp2.239.361
Marketing Cost -Rp9.310
General and Administration Cost -Rp4.460.831
Other Income Rp8.890
Loss before Income Tax -Rp2.221.890
Income Tax Benefit Rp342.298
Total Comprehensive Loss for the Year -Rp1.879.592

Statement of Financial Position

On December 31, 2022 (presented in thousands of rupiah, unless stated otherwise)

Fixed Assets Rp282.803
Non Fixed Assets Rp7.867.113
Total Assets Rp8.149.916
Short-term liabilities Rp486.459
Long-term liabilities Rp5.168.722
Total Liability Rp5.655.181
Total Equity Rp2.494.735
Total Liabilities and Equity Rp8.149.916

2022 Audit Opinion

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